Monday, March 15, 2010

Yada, yada, yada...We're married!

So, our posts went from engagement to marriage, and skipped everything in between. Essentially it consisted of Matt trying to get through another rigorous module of 1st year classes, and Rachael working full-time and planning the most incredible wedding! But here we are... Mr. and Mrs. Olsen!

As the "unveiling" post we must thank everyone for their support up to this point. We couldn't have done it without our incredible families and friends. So, thank you!

"What's next," you might ask? Well, tomorrow we fly to Germany where we'll be until May. I (Matt) have a chance to study at a school in Hannover where Purdue has established a fast track MBA program in English. I will still finish my degree in two years in Indiana, but can take a round of electives in Europe. If all goes as planned we'll be able to have some other adventures as we travel. Rachael will play the role of confidant, support, and explorer on our journey. We can't wait do have this adventure together!

So, stay tuned, because the updates will be here!

And PS- Rachael and I will keep our phone numbers the same, with the ability to check voicemails via Google Voice. A widget is also posted to connect to our voicemails.


  1. Thank Heavens for your blog! Wow... somehow I had no idea you would be in Europe this long and for this reason!


    Congrats again.

    It was more than wonderful to see how happy you two looked. I personally can not think of two other people who deserve it more.

  2. adoration. you guys are adorable. thanks for having us at your charming and beautiful wedding! can't wait for the updates, and to get to know rachael better.

    erin + ty