Saturday, March 20, 2010

A few wedding day pics...

When asked how the wedding day went, our collective response would be, "It was the funnest party we've been to in a long time!" We really did enjoy our entire wedding day, from the ceremony through the reception. We don't have the photographer's shots yet, but we wanted to post a few that my (our) Dad took. Enjoy!


  1. you two are ridiculously good looking!

  2. Oh how I wish Aric and I could have made the trip to Utah! We were seriously considering going...with all three chitlin no less...since I have a knack at crashing receptions I was really excited to go. Then we took all three of the kiddos to Florida for nine days, we got home the weekend before your wedding. Unfortunately, that little rondezvous was enough to kill my traveling spirit.

    Anyhoo...Matt, I love you and I am beyond, BEYOND thrilled for you and your beautiful Rachael. I would love to meet her someday, clearly she is a gem to have won your heart. Congratulations!

    Happy "happily ever after!" xoxo

  3. Oh Cool, Glad I could be the only one with closed eyes. You look breathe taking ray. Post some pics of Germany.