Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're here!

We're in Germany! And we miss you already so for our first post we've decided to give you directions to our flat.

First, take the train.

exit in the cool part of town and find Goeben Strasse

walk down our gorgeous strasse (thats street in deutsch)

and there you will find us, at 41 Goeben strasse!

How awesome is it that our first apartment together is in Germany? We love our little (and i mean little ) home! Close quarters are no problem for us newlyweds and wouldn't want our personal space anyways.

**These directions have been vague due to any stalkers we may or may not have, but if you really want to come visit we will be more specific. Miss you all!


  1. Awesome! So glad you guys arrived and are all settled in. Let's get together soon! There's still snow in the Alps... in case you were wondering. ;) B&T

  2. So jeal gerade (that means right now auf Deutsch, well jeal means jealous in English actually, so be aware of that). I just translated this whole post into german as I read it. Rach is seriously the most beautiful human. I'm sure you fit in perfectly in Europe. Hope school is well Matt! Depressed I cant come sleep in the middle of you two! Can't wait to see pics of So Ger! See you in zwei monate! Ich vermisse euch.