Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Highlights of Dating

This was the first time I we saw each other on the dance floor. We had our last first date the next night.

This was our first Earth Day. Poor plant didn't last long...
R.I.P. Alxlice

This was our first group setting as an official couple. Matt's old Bishop, Dana Beck, took us each aside separately to advise that we get married.

When we first started dating I told Matt that he could never call me "baby girl." He said that was fine as long as I didn't call him "Lover." Of course we used them on a daily basis and even made T shirts with the initials of our pet names.

My first time rock climbing. The first of my many firsts with Matt.

First time Matty made me dinner.

We FINALLY had that shooting date we planned in august of '08.
This is the weekend Matt met my family.
Six Flags was definitely the highlight of that trip
May '09

My first time to North Dakota.
June '09

On this group date we rode horses, zip lined, went on a rope swing and jumped on the trampoline. Oh we also did our double back walkovers later that night.

Killing Matt's gift certificate at the batting cages.

Before he moved away Brian, Dan and I threw him a little party. Everyone loves a room with 100's of your pictures plastered all over the walls.

This was my first visit to Chicago after he moved away.

Matt says he knew he wanted to marry me after I came to visit. But I say it was just the combination of Rachael AND U2 that blew his mind. Here we are ready to go into the concert.

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