Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Olsen...

This is Rachael. I love her.

Here it is folks, the official (and gratuitous) Matt and Rachael Olsen blog! We have a lot of fun together, and we hope you enjoy when we share.

For this, the first, post I will give a brief time line to outline our relationship so far. Here goes...
July 18: First date. BBQ with friends and Batman, Dark Knight.
July 22: Lunch at Guru's
July 23: Iron Giant at Sundance.
July 25: (Matt) Got stood up for our shooting date.
July 29: Rachael apologized.
July 31: Lunch. Last event until January 2009.

January 7: Second first date.
January 7-25: We dated.
January 25: I (Matt) broke it off. I was really busy.

February 24: Psuedo-hangout 1.
February 27: Psuedo-hangout 2.
February 28: Last first date.
March: More dating.
April: More dating...first mention of mission.
May 12: "I love you."
June 4: Matt to California.
June 16: Decision to attend Purdue.
June 24: Rachael to Fargo.
July: More dating.
August 5: Matt move to Indiana.
August 19: Rachael mission call to Argentina.
September: More dating, more flights.
October 18: Decision to get married!
November 3: Proposal!

March 13, 2010: The wedding! Come!
Salt Lake City, Utah.


  1. Oh wow! Had no idea Matt kept you home from your mission! Must be love. And was that not the coolest wedding I've ever been too!?!? The talk of the town was your goal maybe? And YOU GOT IT. I'll be talkin bout it for awhile. LOVED it!! Couldn't be happier for you two beaming newlies.