Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Proposal.

It all happened one seemingly calm and quiet night in the Midwest... I, Rachael Lynne Rylander, had just landed and was minding my own business in the Indianapolis Airport when BAM! Matt appeared out of nowhere and scared me half to death (which isn't very hard but is still very rude). There he was, the love of my life coming to pick me up like the gentleman we all know him to be. While at the baggage claim carousel he was hugging me and explaining how airports had sort of become "our thing." And it was so true; from our very first trip together we had a missed flight, problems, and delays galore! That luck has never quite left us... but it has given us some unbeatable (until today) memories! Back to the story, my bag came out and as I grabbed it my lotion fell out of my purse. This very nice lady started calling my name and running after me so that she could return it...aloooong with a rose! I just chalked it up to the Midwesterners being so darn nice but there was something different about this flower-it had a small strip of paper attached to it saying "the most fun." My curiosity peaked but still thought it was too soon to get my hopes up for any fantastic event. A few steps later I had another stranger calling my name and running after me to hand over a rose donned with a slip of paper bearing one of my many great qualities! And then another! And another! Until a dozen strangers and beautiful roses later we were in the parking garage, our friends chad and Beckah were in our faces with a video camera, and my dear dear Matthew Keeler Olsen was on a knee with a ring in his hand! I wish I could remember everything he told me but I was just so frustrated that his lips were so far away from mine! Long story short, we're engaged :)


  1. How cute are the two of you! Way to go Matt on the proposal and thanks Rachel for sharing it. Can't wait to see you guys all married and stuff!

  2. I love this description! We really should add out end of the story sometime! Ha ha!