Wednesday, May 16, 2012

California Trip 2011

Wow what a trip!  I feel like we were able to pack an entire year of events into just a few weeks!  Matt and I had to go our own separate ways for the first 24 hours of vacation...  I went down to orange county and spent the day with getting my hair and nails done with my little sister and Matt went up north to Oxnard to tour a P&G plant.  I love my hard working husband.

Once reunited we got to go to my cousins wedding!  Ej and Marissa got sealed in the LA Temple and then had an AMAZING reception in the back yard of Mason Manor.  Delicious food, dancing and gorgeous decor.  The best part was being with my sisters!

Sunday night dinner at party grandma's beach house:

Carona Del Mar Tidepools:

My sister Natalie had her 3rd baby!  She called me at 3:30 in the morning to begin the fire drill... but the lack of sleep was so worth it!  Welcome Rhett Benjamin Nelson:

With only 3 hours of sleep under my belt, the next day was a blur!  I shuffled the kids around so we could be with my little brother Travis while he went through the Newport Temple for the first time.  I love to be in the temple with my family.  Then we celebrated my Grandpa's birthday at a family favorite restaurant, Fio Rito's!  It was definitely a day to remember but nothing compared to the week I spent with the Nelson Family once Natalie came home from the hospital.  More on that later.  

On Cinco de Mayo we celebrated by having Cafe Rio with the Budingers then went to the Galaxy soccer game!

That Sunday we got to be at Tamra's baby blessing.  It was beautiful and so fun to see some old buddies!  Matt went home the next day and I headed over the Nelson House to help out for the week after Natalie's new baby.  Within the week we planned a party for after the baby's blessing, a kid filled the entire toilet with toilet paper, the other kid panicked and went number 1 and number 2 right on the floor, we got food poisoning from a bad watermelon (we were up all night while her kid threw up).  The next night we were up all night with crying and nightmares from the younger kid.  The day after that Natalie's husband hand a wake boarding accident and was rushed to the hospital (he is fine now but had some scary memory gaps for a couple hours).  Next day we blessed the baby and had a party and finally that night everyone was crying because they found out they need to move to Fresno, CA in just a month!  If there is one thing I learned from that week...its that kids are nuts.  

Being home with my family is always a party!

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  1. Kids are nuts!

    And I'm jealous that you got to spend a whole week with your sister!

    It sounds like it was a really fun, full vacation.