Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Month-long, Everywhere Christmas.

First of all, I think it should be known that we drove out to see our families over the holidays. We DROVE from Indiana, to California, to Utah, to Montana, to Fargo, and then back to Indiana. That is 4,759 miles of driving! Most of which Matt drove, bless his heart.

Our first stop was California. It snowed the entire drive out, even through Texas! It even snowed in L.A. just after we left. We had a great time in my home town. My mom took us all to see A Christmas Carol at the Glendale Theatre. It is such a fun production! The theatre is small with seating all around the stage. People were dancing in circles and singing in the isles, it was so great! After the play all the actors sing carols as you walk out and a bubble machine makes "snow".
A few days later we made Matt sit through my old Ballet studio's production of the Nutcracker too! He did so good. My cousin Sydnee was Clara and she did awesome! Being able to see my old dance teachers and having Matt there was really special to me.

We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom's house and feasted! We spent the night there with my brother Richie's family so we could be together Christmas morning.

We went to Disneyland with my brothers family, Travis and my Dad. The highlight of the day was watching Issac (my nephew) build his dream remote control car! He was so cute and even claimed that this "was the best day of his life." Haha, gotta love him.

We extend our California stay so we could have New Years Eve in warmer weather. We went out to dinner with the Budingers and Mcgees then went to the Swainston's house for a little celebrating.

We only spent a couple days in Utah. It was just enough time to have a day in the mountains, have an early anniversary at the Grand America and get some Cafe Rio with Chris and Randi.

We got to Montana later than planned but the storm that was there was right on time. I was so afraid driving through the mountains and trees in the dark, but to Matt it looked the second nature! Must be the North Dakota in him. I don't know what a California girl would do without her midwestern man. Well the next morning I learned! I drove Matt's mother's truck (Matt was in his car) from Bozeman to Fargo while it snowed the entire day. Although I almost started crying, I survived unscathed! But I'd rather not do that ever again if I can help it. I still need my midwestern man.

I love going to visit Fargo! Matt's parents gave us a belated Christmas morning the day we arrived. I'm so grateful for my breadmaker and kitchen knives! But I have to say my favorite is always the North Dakota treat, chippers. I think the most notable events of our weekend there were playing Wits & Wagers with Leeser, Seeing Matt do Yoga, and seeing the NDSU production of Forever Plaid! I had always seen flyers for that play around the theaters I've been to but never once bought tickets. Well I'm glad the Olsens know what they are talking about when it comes to Theater because the show was so great! I found my self with a silly smile across my face the entire show. If you haven't seen it, do!

And that's that. Our Christmas break in a little nut shell. Sorry about the lack of pictures, we are trying to be more snap happy.

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