Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Month Anniversary

Well friends and family, can you believe we have already been married a MONTH? All we can say is, "What a rad month!" In honor of our first 30 days of eternity with each other we made some chocolate covered strawberries. Although Matt said I was the Chinese ship to his Great Barrier Reef* when I kept messing up his perfect dipping, they still turned out so good!

Happy 1st Month! May we live, laugh and learn to incorporate chocolate into every annual tradition.

*BBC World News is the only TV station we have in english and we have it on all the time so our jokes and references are starting to revolve only around world events...


  1. i did not think is was possible for me to love the two of you anymore than i did, but after that last post i now do. keep the posts coming, maybe one day i'll update my own blog.

  2. Great idea with the chocolate. Chocolate needs to be incorporated into every single day if you ask me. Can not believe it's been 1 month already. Happy Anniversary! We miss you guys!